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7 RIP’d Halloween Costumes Found on Langdon that Still Need to be Claimed


It’s Thursday people! It’s been 5 days since you went out, unless you love Halloween/are alcoholic and went out on Monday, too. Get your shit together. Really though, please claim your torn, wet, possibly dog (or human) piss covered costumes—and throw them away. Littering is NOT cool.

7.) Mavericks suit with the arms ripped off:

This was the most recognizable costume—cough, cough, *basic*—found outside of Tags. Not a surprise parties and bars were rampant with Top Gun, or should we say “80’s pilot” costumes. What’s more interesting is why this beefcake decided to ditch the suit. Most likely showing off his arms and some chest wasn’t enough; he needed Ice Man and Goose to check out those rippling thighs as well.

6.) 12 Busch cans taped together:

We don’t know what the object is supposed to be or what costume it’s for. We don’t know why Busch over Coors or PBR or literally any other beer. Like, c’mon, have a little self-respect.

5.) Hoochie Dress?:

An extremely short dress covered in poorly stitched silver sequins also needs to be claimed. The costume it belonged to is also ambiguous… maybe a robot? Diet Coke? Solar Panel? Or probably just a cat. The dress also still has the tag, you cheap bitch, trying to return it after you wear it. Oh wait, this item was actually found on State Street. There are multiple of them… oh, Mango Boutique’s having a sidewalk sale. Check it out!

4.) Fruit Salad:

3 banana suits and a clear garbage bag full of popped purple balloons (we’re assuming it was grapes, or maybe prunes, being regular on Halloween is always a good idea. It keeps the Day After Drinking Shits at bay) were found outside of Chi Phi house. The only logical explanation for the four costumes left together is orgy, so congratulations are in order. Or Aliens?!? Also, props to grapes/prunes for thinking outside the box and not conforming. We know it’s a difficult thing to do on Langdon sometimes…

3.) Mermaid/fish tail thing:

A paper mache sea critter tail has been lying in the ditch at Tri Delta. There’s a tailless Ariel running around somewhere on campus. Hopefully, she’s happy with Prince Eric, and won’t regret never being able to sing again. Also, it has several holes in it as well as some hard pasta noodles, leading us to believe someone used it as a colander and then returned it to its place outside.

2.) Plastic Ziploc containing flour:

Yes, we are sure it’s flour. 2 separate trips to Meriter taught us that (we need to work on labeling things in the break room). Apparently, someone on Langdon thought drug dealer was a good costume idea, the bazillion cops monitoring Freakfest would probably tell ya otherwise.

1.) Oops, we got a live one:


Thank goodness it rained so she didn’t start smelling. She said she’s lost and from Ohio. Someone please claim your garbage bag friend. She’s been sitting on Langdon yelling “Where’s Patrick?” for 5 days.


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