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6 Thoughts Contemplative Bucky is Contemplating in Alumni Park

Alumni Park made its major debut last weekend opening up sandwiched between the Red Gym and Memorial Union. Its central location and beautiful Mendota views make Alumni Park the perfect place for Badgers of the past, present, and future, to go and reflect on their Wisconsin experience.

In addition, the park also commissioned multiple artists to add beautiful art pieces to the newest campus green space. One of the favorites among students is the contemplative looking Bucky the Badger statue located at the tip of the park, closest to Lake Mendota. Bucky, geared up in hiking boots and a tight fitting red and white striped sweater, has his hand inquisitively placed under his chin looking as if he’s deep in thought while staring out at the vast mass that is Mendota. The newest statue begs the question, what is Bucky thinking? Here’s our list of Bucky’s philosophical thoughts that are most likely on his mind.

6.) If UWNet wasn’t needed, would it work then?:
Kind of like if a tree fell in an empty forest and nobody was around to hear it, would it make a noise? Bucky is sitting and wondering, if UWNet had no one around to use it, would it be able to provide reliable wireless connection? We’ll let the computer science majors and DoIt employees decide, Bucky.

5.) What if I don’t feel like Jumping Around?:
Being Bucky is a fulltime job, so he gets tired from time to time. While Jump Around is an exciting 3rd quarter activity for students, Bucky has to participate in the dance more than a normal student. “What if I simply can’t jump around any longer?” We say: buck tf up.

4.) If I don’t get a picture of a cop fake arresting me at Mifflin, is it still Mifflin?:
Ok, we’ve all been there. Too messed up to get a picture with a cop during Mifflin. But shit, what the hell am I going to Instagram now? I already had a caption planned out. Bucky wonders if Mifflin can go on.

3.) Is the world just a giant fraternity?:
What actually defines a frat? Why can’t we all just be one huge brotherhood? These are the follow up questions to Bucky’s original question, yet he hasn’t gotten past the thought of how many pairs of cargo shorts he will have to buy if this actually is the case.

2.) Is there more to Tunnel Bob than just his mode of transportation?:
Is it wrong of us to look down upon Tunnel Bob for using tunnels as his main way of transportation, or are we just ignorant to his revolutionary thinking? Many enlightened idealists have been looked at as crazy at their beginnings: Alexander Hamilton, Gandhi, Gregor Mendel, Harry Potter. Is Tunnel Bob just an off dude, or is he a genius we aren’t recognizing?

1.) What happens after UW?:
What is going to happen after college? Honestly Bucky, this question is on everyone’s mind, and odds are, you’ll never figure it out. Bucky just celebrated his 77th birthday at UW, so hopes are no one else stays at Wisconsin for 77 years. Sorry Bucky.

Bucky will be chilling in Alumni Park and pondering these questions for decades to come, as will students young and old. The Thinker-esque Bucky is in the perfect location, allowing for past students to come by and look back on the days where their college lives were nothing more than a string of questions: What the hell am I doing? Why the hell am I doing it? Who the hell am I? Thankfully alumni know all the answers, right? Probably not, but we can all be comforted that we went and go to a pretty great school.

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