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Decoding University of Wisconsin Mottos


You know when you have a Gopher visiting you from out of town and they just don’t know how to Bucky? So annoying! But the truth is, you’d never want them to learn our secret Badger language. An outsider learning our language would undermine the whole university or, in laymen terms, “Gophers are lame af, we don’t need them stealing our shit, greedy bastards.”


However, true Badgers should know the inside scoop when it comes to the many mottos, chants, and slogans heard around the UW campus, so in case you missed orientation:


1.) Teach Me How To Bucky:



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Many think this may just be a fun dance move like the Bernie or the stanky leg, especially after that music video a few years back that isn’t really relevant now. However, the real meaning is much more obvious. Yep, it’s the beast with 2 backs, or 3… or 1 (we don’t judge).



“Greg tried to Teach Me How To Bucky last night… but he was too drunk, so he wasn’t teaching shit. I got a free taco though.”


2.) The Wisconsin Idea:



This has been crammed down your throat since your first campus tour, or SOAR, (or your first day if you were just too cool senior year of high school for college visits and registration), but what does it actually mean? The Wisconsin Idea is to make you stay as long as fucking possible and pump more money out of you.



Senior 1: “Are you graduating in May?”

Senior 2: “No, all the science classes I took my freshmen and sophomore years don’t count since I switched my major.”

Senior 1: “That SOAR advisor really fucked me over, too. But hey, that’s The Wisconsin Idea for yah.”


3.) Drink Wisconsinbly:



Drinking as much booze as possible while remaining lucid and walking home while reciting “On, Wisconsin” without slurring your words at the end of the day.



Person 1 “Are you drinking Wisconsinbly?”

Person 2 “Yeah, I’ve only had 7 tequila shots, 5 jack and cokes, 2 Spotted Cows, and I just switched to light beer now.”

Person 1 “You’re fine. Let’s get some Jamo shots.”


4.) U-Rah-Rah!:



A lovely sentiment, no wonder it’s a favorite game day chant. If you’re not a Badger you may think it’s just nonsense that’s fun to say. HOW WRONG CAN ONE PERSON/GOPHER BE!? So incredibly wrong that we’re nauseous. U-rah-rah is not just a fun chat, it’s a way of life; if you’re at Wisconsin and you don’t U-rah-rah, you’re doing it wrong.



First day icebreaker about why you took this class

“I was out U-rah-rahing one night, but I over did my U-rah-rahs. Then I thought, what would U-rah-rah do? Then I switched my major to poly-sci.”


5.) Numen Lumen:



This is actually our school’s official motto, in case any of you uncultured swines were not aware. Its loose Latin translation is ‘God, our Light’; of course that didn’t fly with the hippies in the 60’s or with the puppy poster loving atheists we have on campus these days, so now it means to light up, blaze, or let’s go smoke some pot.



Two guys are standing around with solo cups at a sausage fest of a party.

Guy 1: “Dude, this party sucks. Numen Lumen?”

Guy 2: “Fuck yeah!”


6.) Eat Shit, Fuck You!:

The only people who believe this to be profane are the ones who really don’t know anything about Wisconsin. It’s really just a friendly greeting, don’tcha know?



Jerry and John, each on their way to class, pass each other on Park. 

Jerry: “Hey John, Eat Shit!”

John: “Fuck you! And say hi to your mother for me.”

Jerry: “Oh yah, will do, John, will do!”


Did we miss a UW motto that you just really don’t understand? Let us know by tweeting it to @BlackSheep_UW and we’ll help you decode that pesky piece of grammatical shit!


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