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What Your Finals Study Spot at UW Says About You

Unfortunately, it is the time of year when you realize that your grades are not as good as you thought they were, so everything’s riding on the final exam—no pressure. So as you decide that you should probably get your book-learnin’ on, there is always your go-to study spot.

College Library:

You obviously like to get distracted, and isn’t that the point? You study to get distracted, and college library is the best place for distractions. Ogling over what overpriced piece of food you should purchase at the Café on the first floor takes up a solid 20 minutes, and if that doesn’t distract you enough, the sheer amount of people there will. You’re bound to know someone else studying there, so really College Library is really just a place to socialize. So we guess you’re a sociable individual as well. Aren’t you just so cool.

Memorial Library:

You are one eerie person. Do you like scary movies? Because Memorial Library is a horror movie in the making. It’s impossible to believe that the stacks aren’t haunted or that no one has ever died in one of those cages. At the very least some hanky-panky has definitely gone down in there, and really none of those things are okay. But you do you. Maybe you need dead silence to study? We don’t know…it’s hard to come up with a justifiable reason why you would like Memorial Library. It’s just so creepy.

The SAC:

You must have an early bedtime—aww, you little cutie! The SAC closes at midnight, so you call it quits early. No need to be an overachiever. Sleep is more important. You’ve got your priorities straight, if you ask us. Besides, nothing good happens after midnight anyway (in terms of academics—for other categories… that’s a different story).

Gordon’s Dining Hall (or any other dining hall for that matter):

So you’re a freshman. But that’s okay because you probably have a lot of cash to blow on your Wiscard—and everything is better when food is involved… except required fees! But that’s for next year’s freshmen to worry about, not you!

Your Bed

Put simply, you are talented. If there were a sports team for will power, you’d definitely be on it. If you can study in your bed and not fall asleep, we salute you. You don’t even have to worry about putting pants on and you definitely don’t have to take off that One Direction t-shirt you wear to bed every night … you’re just winning at life.


You just don’t care. It’s spring and you’d rather go outside and take an F. And you know what? We don’t even blame you, not one bit.

So as the weather gets nicer and you would pretty much rather be doing anything besides studying for exams, just know that the light at the end of the tunnel is so close we can almost taste it. 


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