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UW Freshman Pretty Positive Attendance Counts Even Day Before Thanksgiving


In just a few short days, the city of Madison, Wisconsin slowly dwindles its population down to just those of Madison origin (and often other countries as well) as UW-Madison students from elsewhere leave over the course of Monday and Tuesday. Few professors even hold classes on Wednesday, in order to allow students to get home for the holidays.

This information was new, however, to freshman and Witte Hall resident Alana Dresden of Skokie, Illinois.

“It was so weird,” Dresden told The Black Sheep reporters. “I showed up to my Chem 103 lecture, which is on Wednesdays at 4:30. I was literally the only person in the room. Like, what? Do people not want to get an A in this class?”

Dresden reportedly did not receive the same word-of-mouth that many of her peers did – allegedly, she has not yet missed a class at UW-Madison. For any reason. Our sources tell us her award for “Outstanding Overachiever” is in the mail.

“When I started going to school here, my mom told me that going to class was the most important thing, and that if missing a day in high school felt like missing a week, then missing a day in college is like missing a month,” said Dresden. “Sure, I’ve gone to class with mono and a cough that distracted everyone within three rows of me, but my learning environment is much more important.”

Many of Dresden’s peers in Witte 8A who had already returned home for the weekend reported being very confused when hearing of Dresden’s actions.

“Yeah, Alana told me she wasn’t leaving until 8 p.m. on Wednesday,” said Dresden’s roommate, Ali Schindler. “I was like, girl, what? I’m going home Monday morning – I’ll take the ‘L’ in Accounting so I can get a few more quality minutes with my new puppy any day of the week.”

“One of my frat brothers was driving back to Minnesota around noon on Tuesday and I didn’t feel like taking the bus, so I just went with him,” said Beta Nu Kappa brother and Witte Resident Joe Flaxman. “When I heard Alana was staying for Chem 103, which I have with her, it kind of just reinforced my preconceived notion of her being a huge nerd.”

But Dresden is confident in her decision to stay. “All I’ve wanted to do since I got here was get an A in Chem 103,” said Dresden. “If that means I get to spend one less day with my family, who I almost never get to see, then so be it. I need to get into Med School.”

Dresden will reportedly work on problem sets and be able to ask her TA any question she wants during the power lecture on Wednesday evening.

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