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Guide to Dartying at UW Now That it’s 60 Degrees in February

The unexpected warm weather has got UW students feeling some type of way. Although it is still February and these random warm days are not here to stay, that doesn’t stop UW students from dartying it up! If you’re looking to get a few more good darties in before it starts to snow again, follow this guide that’s sure to be successful for a day of dartying at UW.

Step 1: Get a Good Night’s Rest

You wanna see results? You gotta take care of your body—which is an oxymoron in this case—and sleep 8-10 hours the night before. After months of painfully cold weather and no game days to get us jumping around through the semester, UW students don’t mess around. This will be your last good night of slumber because hibernation is over people. We have tailgating to do now that the sun is out; there’s no time to waste. But for real get a good nights rest because no one wants to see you crash at 3 p.m.…that would defeat the purpose of day drinking.

Step 2: Buy the Cheapest Beer (in bulk)

Unless your money grows on trees, hit up Costco and get that 48 pack of Keystone so that you’re prepared to GO. ALL. THE. WAY. You might as well get two cases of 48 because lets be real, this is the first time you’re celebrating feeling the sun touch your face in months and that calls for two cases…at least.

Step 3: Wear Comfortable Clothing

Depending on your style preference you can either:

A.) Wear leggings or even better, jeggings—it looks like you’re a try-hard, but it’s really just an illusion.

B.) Wear some joggers or loose jeans.

Basically you just want something that has an elastic waistband— gotta have room to pack in the alcohol. And hell, throw on your typical Badger game day attire. We’re talking the red and white bibs, tall socks, face tattoos, red lipstick, Wisconsin shirts and fanny packs. It might not really be game day, but we are gonna die trying.

Step 4: Gather Lawn Game Essentials

Lawn game essentials include:

Bag toss/cornhole/baggo (or whatever the kids are calling it these days).

A football (gotta throw that around in the street and dodge cars).

Beer Pong stuff (y’all already know what to do).

Shot ski (no more need to use the ski for the actual sport because the snow is gone).

Step 5: Put on the Jams

You’re either going to start out with country music or end with it, so pick your poison.

Step 6: Drink

Pop open that lawn chair, put that beer in a coosie and enjoy that nice weather. Put “Jump Around” on repeat now. It is time.

Step 7: Drank

At this point you should be playing your 5th round of beer pong and random people who you don’t know should be hanging out in your front yard drinking your beer.

Step 8: Drunk

BUT IS THAT GOING TO STOP YOU?! ARE YOU A QUITTER? IT IS ONLY 2 P.M. STAY STRONG! Keep the Wisconsin Idea going. It all depends on you.

Step 9: Buy More Beer

Make a quick run to Reiley’s, all those randos drank all your beer.

Step 10: Go to the Bars

If you make it to the The KK, Double U, Monday’s, Whiskey Jack’s or even Church Key at 11 p.m., you are a true day drinker. You are truly UW’s Queen B.

And really spring semester dartying is the best because you don’t even have to stop drinking, walk to Camp Randall and stand for 3 hours, watching football. You can just drink through the day in the comfort of your own front yard. *#winning* If tomorrow is Sunday and you wake up at 2 p.m. still in your bucket hat, Hawaiian shirt, have one sock and it feels like a bus hit you, you successfully tailgated the nice weather. Kudos. Now go study.


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