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A Spooky Map of the 7 Most Haunted Places at University of Wisconsin Madison

Madison has a collection of characters that can make anyone, inebriated or otherwise, feel a bit sketched out from time to time. Even recently, there’s been reports of people following Badgers into McDonalds’s in hopes of them buying them a Happy Meal. Bizarre right? Cue Morpheus from The Matrix, “What if I told you, Madison gets even weirder?” Here’s a few of the most haunted places at University of Wisconsin Madison for you and your Stranger Things/Ghostbuster-esque crew to check out, and possibly even discover some spirits loitering around. Damn ghosts, get a job!

7.) Lake Monona, the site of Otis Redding’s death: 
The notorious “Other” lake in Madison, claimed the life of Otis Redding and his band in 1967. This event more than likely led the lake to be designated as the rank of “the other lake,” as we’re sure Madison residents weren’t too keen on bragging about a lake killing the singer of, “Try a Little Tenderness,” and who was described at the time as: the Crown Prince of Soul

6.) Tent Colony in Lakeshore :
Lakeshore’s reputation always seems to be the “other world” within the UW campus. Those who share that they live there, are guaranteed to get a response of, “Where?” or “Wow you must’ve walked really far.” As if all Lakeshore Badgers are hobbits traversing Middle Earth on a daily basis. Well, around 1912, Badgers formed a Tent Colony of sorts in the Lakeshore woods that persisted until its closing in 1962. Somehow, the colony didn’t get too chaotic because of the Gallistel’s influence, but it can be asserted that camping there in present times will get you weird looks and probably forced eviction based upon that same weirdness.

5.) Sea serpents in Mendota:
That gross stuff beneath your feet as you swim through murky Lake Mendota may be a bit more than your usual lake slime. It might just be, like, a sea serpent. Legend claims that sightings of a creature became so common in the 1940s, that it was nicknamed, “Bozho.” Honestly, it’s quite nice of the creature to not disturb the ice in the winter time. If you have to have a sea creature in your lake, might as well be a courteous one.

4.) Tunnels beneath campus:
Beneath Madison and all its weird places and people, is an even stranger network of tunnels. This Upside Down of Madison itself is integral to the pipelines running underneath the campus, and it has been known to house a resident called Tunnel Bob. Some have seen him, some haven’t. Some probably think that’s just their weird neighbor. Regardless, if you venture to the tunnels, be forewarned: they are underground.

3.) Lakeshore path:
We’ve all walked there. The sketchiness at night is pretty self-evident: dark path, only escape is further down the path, into the dark wood, or into the lake. It’s an 80s monster’s dream vacay spot.

2.) Spirits of Students still lost in Humanities
As you realize you’ve walked around in yet another circle in the madness that is Humanities, you just might hear the whispers of Badgers still lost within its labyrinth. They’ve not seen the light of day for decades as they wander further and further into the darkness of its halls. If you do come across them, be forewarned, they may appear helpless, but have the survival instincts of engineering students.

1.) Axe assailant in Memorial Library: 
Anyone who’s ever wondered why you always must annoyingly present your ID prior to entering Memorial Library, listen the fuck up, cause this is why. Back in 1979, a guy literally struck a grad student several times in the head with an axe in the Stacks. Several times. And she lived… talk about a tank right? Also the guy got arrested again, after serving time for the axe attack, for attacking someone with a stapler in the basement of the Educational Sciences Building, for which he also served time. You might think he’s still in prison, but nope, apparently as of two years ago, he was still chilling a bit outside Madison. What a wonderful neighborhood it is.

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