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Heartwarming: Mequon Freshman Makes Friend From New York

It’s not every day that we hear stories this beautiful. Early Sunday morning, at approximately 2:34 a.m., freshman and Smith Hall resident Shoshana Goldstein began what will likely become a lifelong friendship when she gracefully held back the hair of fellow Smith resident Maxine Wixman so she could vomit into a residential toilet.

But here’s something truly inspiring: Maxine is from Jericho, New York. Shoshana is from Wisconsin – specifically, a suburb of Milwaukee called Mequon.

Are there tears in your eyes yet? Just wait.

“Yeah, me and Max were, like, super drunk at this house party near College Court,” Goldstein told The Black Sheep reporters. “All of her friends left and I had seen her in the elevator a couple of times at Smith, so I went up to her and asked her if she needed help getting home. She said yes, so I took her back and helped her puke.”

After that? “Well, the next day Max stopped by my room and said thanks. We ended up watching an episode of Parks and Rec together. We both love Amy Poehler, so I think this could really be the start of a special friendship.”

Goldstein and Wixman were able to quickly bond over their shared interests, like Starbucks iced coffees and the Polaroid collages they made for their dorm room walls. For Goldstein, it’s Wixman’s origin that makes the friendship truly special.

“Yeah, Max is from New York, so I expected her to be, like, a total betch,” she said. “But actually, she’s really nice. I knew college would allow me to have these kinds of experiences – making friends from all around the country and the world!”

“While I was throwing up the Gordon’s quesadilla I had eaten that night and Shosh was holding my hair back, she said she was from Mequon, which I had never heard of,” said Wixman. “I figured when she said she was from Wisconsin that she lived on a farm, but she actually went to Hebrew school just like me. We were really able to bond over that.”

Not all are happy about the new-founded camaraderie, however. “I’m pissed,” said Josephine Handleman, one of Goldstein’s oldest friends and current roommates, who was also born and raised in Mequon. “We were supposed to be, like, bff’s when we got to school and now she just becomes besties with that bitch from New York? What is this supposed to be, an episode of Friends?”

Wixman and Goldstein, however, are unfazed. “I think Max and I are gonna become really close,” said Goldstein. “I’ve always wanted to become friends with someone who’s really different than me, and even though we both grew up in upper-middle class, Jewish households and happen to attend the same Big Ten school, live in the same residence hall and are both aspiring Finance majors, Max is from New York, which is, like, so diverse.”

It’s reported that the two will likely go in on a handle of Burnett’s Blue Raspberry to pregame with before next weekend’s Delta Sig date party. We hope this heartwarming tale of best friends made your day, because there’s truly nothing better than an unlikely bond forming right before your eyes.


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