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It’s Finals Week… So Watch Some Vines

Finals week. It sucks. You realize that you don’t know a damn thing, and that all of your exams are cumulative. What should you do? Study? Cry? Or watch vines? Definitely procrastinate and watch vines that describe how you feel. You’ll probably cry later because you should have studied. But #YOLO. Here are some vines that illustrate your finals…and some that make no sense, but you’ll probably find funny because after study for five days straight without sleeping, just about anything is funny, let’s be real.


So, without further adieu, here are some vines to distract you from reality. Enjoy!


Study guide= foreign language= exams= don’t know anything= oh shit.



Seriously. Fuck it all.



We all think, “it’ll be better next semester.” Ha, yeah no. (The following to be read in a Kourtney Kardashian voice). Literally, you’re being SO rude, we’re just over it.



Yeah, we already forgot what we had for dinner yesterday. Was it Ian’s or Domino’s, or both? And frankly Econ 101, we just don’t give a damn about what we learned yesterday. How is this for supply and demand: I supply tuition, and demand an A.





Frank Ocean…Thinkin’ Bout You (Look it up)…It’s funny…laugh.



The Hunger Games, exam style.



Probably the worst words you can ever say to a college student? Final Exam Review








That girl probably just had finals.


You should probably go study now…good luck on your finals!

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