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The Neighborhoods of UW as the Kids from Stranger Things

Stranger Things is the latest and greatest obsession in the world of television. The Netflix show has more viewers self-identifying themselves and their friends as characters than Sex and the City, which is only weird because the main characters are all 13-year-olds. Swap the whole alternate-dimension-and-losing-friends-to-demon-monsters problem with recreational alcoholism, and there’s really no difference between the 13-year-old gang in Stranger Things and UW students! So, based on where you live on campus, what member of the party are you?

Lakeshore Dorms: Will Byers

Will was gone for (pretty much) the entirety of season one, and (spoiler alert) possessed by a Demogorgon in season two. MIA much?? The area of campus that lives and breathes Will’s MIA demeanor is Lakeshore. Who knows what the hell goes on over there, much like the Upside Down. Lakeshore is also where the weirdos reside– and have you seen Will’s bowl cut? Definitely weird.

College Court: Dustin Henderson

Dustin is always getting the gang into stupid shit (raising a Demogorgon, classic Dustin), but you can’t help but love him. His juvenile tendencies fit-in perfectly with the College Court area, where you appreciate their desire to have fun, but it’s necessary to take them in small doses. Dustin also hates confrontation, running away from bullies in season one. Have you ever seen freshmen try to throw themselves over the fences at College Court when cops show up? Totes a Dustin move.

Mifflin: Lucas Sinclair


Lucas was the OG critic of the group, being the one to question Eleven the most at the beginning and wanting to turn her in. He is someone critical and weary of future events– sound familiar, Lori Berquam? Who can forget Lori’s iconic “don’t go” speech regarding Mifflin– a total Lucas move. As the series progresses though, Lucas actually turns into a pretty badass character, doing reckless shit like trying to find Will on his own, which can loosely be compared to drunk dudes on Mifflin smashing through tables. Loosely.

Langdon: Mike Wheeler

Hate to do this to you, Mike, but it has to be done. Mike is the total alpha-male being the self-proclaimed “dungeon master” and the leader of the group. Plus he’s a little too into the brotherhood aspect of the gang, much like our bros on Langdon Street. Mike strongly denying letting Max into the crew also gave major, “who do you know here???” vibes. Also, he’s strangely into khaki material.

State Street: Eleven

You’re living on State street for the ~aesthetic~, and Eleven is packed full of aesthetic. The pink dress and blonde wig combo? Totally up your alley. She’s too cool for everyone else, just like State Street dwellers. You also probably say phrases like “Bitchin’”, but you probably opt out of the Eggo waffles and go for Forage or SaladsUp instead, because that’s closer to your previously mentioned ~aesthetic~.

And while we haven’t lost anyone to the upside down world quite yet (although Tunnel Bob is probably coming pretty close) there’s nothing wrong with channeling your inner tween-demon-fighting self at any time!

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