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Classic Literary Works Get UW Revamps for ‘Go Big Read’ 170th Anniversary

To mark the UW’s 170th founding anniversary in 2018, HarperCollins announced that it would be reprinting a number of classic pieces of literature with a Badger flair. Chancellor Rebecca Blank has announced that these books will be required reading for all UW students, in the Go Big Read campaign next fall. The Black Sheep was fortunate enough to receive a preview of five of the proposed books.

The Great Fratsby:

The year is 1925. The setting is Langdon Street. Jay Gatsby of Pi Kappa Alpha is determined to win the heart of Daisy Buchanan of Alpha Chi Omega. Gatsby throws extravagant parties at his house to capture the attention of Daisy, but he only attracts freshmen eager to experience their first party. Gatsby can also be spotted on the docks near Memorial Union, searching for Daisy’s green light over Lake Mendota. When approached, he tends to say, “Where’s the keg, Old Sport?”

The Scarlet Letter:

In this revamped classic, the famous “A” becomes a motion “W.” Hester Prynne arrives on campus completely naïve to the implications behind her new sweatshirt. The meaning immediately becomes apparent when everyone avoids her, including her professors. She suddenly realizes that by wearing the “W,” she signifies to others that she is a whore.

Harry Potter:

You won’t want to miss this retelling of the series that enraptured the world. You’ll be at the edge of your seat in the newly-adapted Sorting Hat scene. See Harry, Hermione, and Ron eagerly log onto their Housing portal and feel their disappointment upon receiving their fifteenth choice. As the three venture through their years at UW, there will be many more memorable moments. Diagon Alley? Nope, it’s the University Bookstore selling overpriced wands again! The three will also face never-before-seen enemies. Journey with Harry as he battles his way into a completely crowded 80. Find Ron struggling to walk against the crowd on Charter during a passing period. Finally, spot Hermione walking in circles while trying to find her classroom in Humanities.

Low Expectations:

Pip, a high school student, encounters Rebecca Blank on the run from the university. He aides her and helps her reach an undisclosed location. For Pip’s efforts, Blank anonymously awards him a full ride to UW. Equipped with this opportunity, Pip comes to Madison with the intention to be uncommon. When he falls way below the curve on his first chem exam, however, Pip realizes that he’s destined to be well below average.

Heart of Darkness:

UW freshman Marlow eagerly goes on an off-campus journey down the Yahara River. Along the way, he encounters Kurtz, a hardened fifth-year senior. Through his experiences on the river and Kurtz’s guidance, Marlow discovers the woes (and the horrors, the horrors) of college.

You saw it here first. The Black Sheep predicts that these reprints will forever change the face of the literary cannon.

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