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Madison Bars as the Spring Break Destinations You Couldn’t Afford To Go To

Welcome back from spring break, the beautiful pre-finals purgatory when personal and campus morale plummets for the remaining month. Well sulk no longer, our diverse campus bar selection allows for us to enjoy the spoils of every spring break destination right here on campus. Sure it might be on the verge of snowing here and we don’t have a “beach,” but the atmosphere doesn’t differ (that much)! So let’s hit the bars and make sure spring break never dies.

South Padre — State Street Brats:
Padre and Brats go together like peas and carrots. They encompass what a night at the bars and college spring break should really be about: a complete and utter shit show. Nobody goes all the way to the tip of Texas to not attempt to outdrink the fish they snorkel with. Padre is not for the faint of liver and is often the week you cheated death and alcohol poisoning being blitzed more often than being sober.

Brats is not much different. Nobody goes to Brats with the intention of having a chill, modest drinking performance kind of night. If you end up at Brats it’s usually either to get unbelievably annihilated and forget the fact you’re failing chemistry, or to have a greasy, anything-goes type of night with the incoherent underclassmen in the upstairs.

Miami — Nitty Gritty:
A trip to Miami can represent of both worlds. It can be a great place to go with the family and have that nice, relaxing vacation where all your Instagram posts are about how you are “blessed to have such a great family.” On the contrary, a Miami spring break can also be a week of non-stop, fist pumping, drunk raging at the clubs.

This dichotomy matches life at the Nitty, as it’s a spot that accommodates all types nights. Sure you can have that night where your parents are in town and the family goes to Nitty to catch up on life while maybe having one or two beers out of the birthday mug. OR you can hit up one of those power hours where you set a new PR for mixed drinks in an hour and next thing you know you’re walking to your 8 a.m. in last night’s clothes.

Arizona/Colorado — City Bar:
Stepping away from the rage your face off party scene, maybe you took a trip out west to Colorado or Arizona. Not to say that you can’t get consistently loaded on a trip like this, but often times it entails you and a close group of a few friends who’ve outgrown the all-day party spring break and instead go out west to explore that vast nature that these states offer. All the while having a nicer craft or local beer and above rail liquor quality alcohol at the local bar to celebrate a good hike, climb or mountain bike ride with more people doing the same.

Much of the same type of experiences can be had at City Bar, a lower key bar that offers a greater social experience rather than the wall-to-wall grind fest some of the other bars offer. Attended mostly by smaller crowds and those older upperclassmen, no night is a bad night at City Bar and every night is different, just like an ~Arizona sunset~.

Mexico — Whiskey Jacks:
A spring break trip to Mexico presents a little nicer, somehow less trashy Padre or Daytona trip. As a result, the crowd it draws is slightly more exclusive with those committed to dropping more money to soak up the all-inclusive lifestyle. The parties certainly don’t lack, as the coveted wristband awards you with any drink at the bar, at any time, all week long. It’s a trip that everyone would love to take and enjoy, but just always isn’t an option.

This easily is Whiskey Jacks. Whiskey’s is that elusive bar that always challenges you with a long line and strict bouncer. It’s the bar that everyone would have a stupid good time at once inside with deals designed to get rip roarin’ drunk. It’s just a matter of getting in that can be the issue.

Daytona Beach — Wando’s:
Daytona has always been a spring break destination. Peaking in the late 80’s and 90’s as the number one place to be to party so hard you strongly consider staying there permanently. While maybe not the number one destination anymore, Daytona is always a safe bet as a go-to spring break trip.

Wando’s falls under this description. While maybe not the number one bar on campus these days, Wando’s is always near the top of the list and never fails as being the move on a weekend or even a weekday. It’s been the subject of many Madison generations and always provides that place to get real alcoholized. Love stories, projectile vomit stories, embarrassing dance stories, and good times stories have long originated over a Wando’s fish bowl or several.

Sure the week of spring break technically ended, but the party it holds lives on. So quit crying that it’s over and start planning your campus spring break trip today!


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