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The Top 6 Times Tunnel Bob Made Someone’s Day on Twitter

Since there’s a lot of hate already in the world, we decided to compile a list of nice tweets about one of UW’s most cherished entities: Tunnel Bob. He is an iconic figure at UW, and you aren’t a true Badger until you’ve run across him while studying at College Library or getting diarrhea-inducing Chinese food at Union South. Here’s some of the sweetest bitches you’ll ever meet at Wisconsin via their nice tweets.

6.) Bucketlist achieved:

Many Badgers have been graced by Tunnel Bob from afar, yet few have been lucky enough to have his presence seated at the table next to them. Sitting next to Tunnel Bob is the 2nd way to be welcomed to the black abyss of death at UW. The first? Getting your ID taken at Red Shed. Death by embarrassment.

5.) Always on your mind:

College is a hectic place where you’re constantly thinking two things: all the things you have to do, and trying to think of the things you’re forgetting to do. It’s nice to be able to take a break from that, and look forward to something other than your o-chem exam you’re definitely going to bomb.

4.) Adventure time:

Who doesn’t love a spontaneous man? Tunnel Bob is definitely the adventurous type, and we all low key wanna go on an adventure with him. Runnin’ around the steam tunnels with TB? Sign us up.

3. Tunnel Bob, the mentor:

It’s true, our man Bobby has more life experience than some tenured professors here on campus. Imagine the lifetime of stories he would be able to share in lecture instead of droning on about English metaphors? Sure, maybe some of the knowledge wouldn’t be as “useful,” but fuck the standard American school system.

2.) Life’s simple pleasures:

There’s nothing better than enjoying the little things in life. Having a nice convo with UW’s most legendary man is sure to enhance your Tuesday afternoon. Also, a rare catch here at UW, so you should feel #blessed.

1.) Besties for the restie:

Addressing Tunnel Bob by his first name is a luxury and a blessing, and a huge step forward in your relationship. Next step: tagging each other in memes. You know that’s what Tunnel Bob is using the library computers for anyway.

On a polarized campus during stressful times, there’s one thing UW students far and wide can agree on: Tunnel Bob is a legend. During Thanksgiving break, don’t forget to take time to count your blessings and go ahead and #tweet something #sweet. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some good karma served your way and pass o-chem.


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