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Students Enraged That College Library Starts Construction Two Weeks Before Summer

Local student, Bobby Lake, is enraged by the recent construction plaguing his favorite study location and self-proclaimed second home – College Library.

“I get that, like, you have construction on the streets and stuff, and I honestly don’t mind being late to class because of it, but bring that inside our buildings too? Now we have a problem.”

Parts of College Library have recently undergone construction to prepare for a new SOAR location and to provide more outlet availability for students. This construction, though, has resulted in significant noise.

“The quiet sections in College are like a…like a sanctuary. People come here to study for the quiet, you know? Not for sounds of drilling, pounding, and the floor shaking,” Lake explained, “that’s not what the quiet sections are about.”

Other students are rallying behind Lake by saying that the construction is only adding to the fear, panic, and anxiety the end of the semester already brings.

Jimmy Rivers, Lake’s best friend and fellow student strongly opposed to the construction, reveals the questions that have been haunting him.

“Why not wait until the summer to do this when, oh I don’t know, not nearly as many students are on campus? Like, if it needs to be done in time for SOAR, what about starting it over winter break then? Why do you have to apologize for the ‘inconvenience’ when we shouldn’t be inconvenienced in the first place?”

When reminded that some spaces, like the third-floor quiet section have been reopened in time for finals, Lake only became more enraged.

“Finals are only part of it, man,” Lake countered, “a lot of classes have midterms, papers, or projects due in the weeks before finals, so I mean, even the weeks prior to the end of the semester are stressful.”

In response to questions about the current state of his grades and GPA, Lake testified that, “When I got home to my parents and say they ‘expected more from me,’ I’m going to tell them about all this construction. Seriously. I am.”

No response from the university has been made at this time to address the students outraged by the recent construction.


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