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Texts You Can Only BADGER Your Roommate With When You’re Best Friends


If you have that one roommate that just gets you, whether it be that you two are already  so similar or that you’ve lived with each others crap long enough that there really is no way for either of you NOT to get each other, then these texts below should be nothing new to you. If not, here’s what you’ve been missing.


What comradery. Note the jesting in the last message. It’s clear these roommates will not only be lifelong friends, but will also be each other’s shoulder to cry on when no one will date them.


Wow, you ladies are just always on the same wavelength. It’s like you’re reading each other’s minds. At the same time, Talia is pretty domineering. Always telling her roommate what to do. Such a cute wardrobe though. That bitch! 🙂


You sly dog. Or should we say cat? Yes, everyone does love mac and cheese. But only Lu’s awesome roommate would combine Lu’s love of Mac and Cheese and Cats and Target all into one incredible conversation.


Who said you needed to be in a sorority to have a house mom? She buys you meals, cares about how you’re doing, and, best of all, can’t be mad when you forget her birthday…again.


Only a best friend/roommate would try to make Heather a cake from scratch knowing the risks of red wine stains, broken glass injuries, kitchen fire and dysentery. Better let Heather know to add club soda, baking soda, a fire blanket, and plenty of Advil to that list.


Chris is always there in his roommate’s time of need. We really can’t think of a better time to ‘relax’ than before a group project meeting. Hopefully, Tess will already have everything done and then bitch at everyone else for being lazy… then you can dip out early and meet Chris for Topper’s Stix.


Props for owning up to it. We just blame everything on the third roommate usually, no one likes her anyways—always nagging us for rent money and to do dishes and put on pants. Plus, Ali just does it without any fuss, she earned her bae.


If you don’t think your best friend is an asshole you’re lying.

Hopefully you’ve had all of these situations arise at least once with your roommate, otherwise, hate to break it to you, but you’re not best friends forever. You should probably return those bracelets to Claire’s immediately.

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