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The 9 Types of Students You’ll Notice in Your Last Final at UW

You’ve definitely had these generically looking students in one of your classes before. Oh hey, look, your roommate is in this class, too! Oh, no, wait, that’s just the TA. Wait, no, isn’t that the 50 year old professor from India? Hmm.

9.) The Student who let you borrow a pencil that one time:


Oh yeah, what a nice guy. Hopefully, he does well. Not too well though. Let’s keep the curve low.

8.) The Student who worked at Gordon’s freshmen year and wouldn’t give you extra beans on your nachos:


That bitch. They weren’t even her beans. Honestly, it’s not like her paycheck was deducted 2 cents for every extra bean she gave out.

7.) The student who triple checks all of his answers:


Just go home Curt, we all know you finished within 20 minutes of the start of the exam.

6.) The student who wore the same thing as his girlfriend, just to spice it up:


Whoa, be careful the professor is probably super confused which of them has the penis and deserves the higher grade.

5.) The student that your roommate used to “study with”:


He must not be as smart as he looks because your roommate had to find a new study partner this semester.

4.) The student that is your roommate:


Gwen? What are you doing here? Were you in this class the whole semester? You look stressed. Weren’t you just up studying for this last night?

3.) The student who believes looking out the window will give her the answers:


It’s been known to work in the past. Sunlight stimulates blah, blah, blah… brain waves yada, yada, yada… We’re calling bullshit, this chick is doomed.

2.) The student who’s banking on her one night stand with the TA:


Not sure how much sway he has over grading, but not the worst study technique we’ve seen.

1.) The student who finished their finals yesterday and is taking this one for practice:


He is going to be so set for next year. Too bad this is a theater class and he’s an accounting major.

Good luck on your finals, Badgers! Don’t preoccupy yourself with your generically posed classmates too long or you won’t finish your exam. 

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