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Things You Could’ve Done During Syllabus Week

Syllabus week is sadly over. It was the week when students debate even going to class—because really, all that professors did was read the syllabus from cover to cover and end lecture a half hour early. The students that did go to class had instant regret because of how painfully boring not learning anything can actually be. In order to spice up syllabus week, here’s some in class and out of class activities that could have kept you from dying of boredom. Maybe you could do them next semester.


In Class:


Make a ‘Hot or Not’ list of the other students in class
Among the millions of benefits of going to the UW, a major one is being blessed with large lectures. So instead of taking pointless notes about the syllabus, whip out the pen and notepad to do something more productive like making a ‘Hot or Not’ list. You gotta find those hotties in your class and keep them in your sights. You might see them out on the weekend and the “hey, aren’t you in my class?” icebreaker is the best way to get laid.


Play a game
Count the number of people wearing Badger apparel, count the number of times your professor says “umm,” count the number of times someone asks a stupid question about the syllabus, count the number of people sleeping in class, count the number of girls with a drink from Starbucks, count the number of guys wearing snapbacks, or count the number of hung over people you see.  You get the point… just… count shit. These things are bound to keep you busy for 50 minutes.


Because let’s be for real—there is no better way to spend your time, and it’s not like you really need to pay attention. So go ahead and catch up on those zzz’s that you’re bound to lose this semester.


Out of Class:


Go to the gym
It’s a new year with the same resolutions that won’t last. You might as well go to the gym once you get out of class early, and burn as many calories that you can before you decide that you’ll make 2016 the year you work out.


Go out
Syllabus week, aka party week! It’s the only time that it’s acceptable to go out Monday through Saturday. It’s the first and last week of the semester of freedom with no responsibilities, so you might as well take advantage of it and have a little fun before you have to start sacrificing your weekends to write 10 page papers.


Because, again what else is really more important?


Now that syllabus week is over, reality is setting in and students get buried alive in projects, papers, and readings. So next time, make the best of syllabus week—play some games, drink a ton, and sleep…definitely. Take advantage of being bored because, just like now, you won’t be for long.

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