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Top 10 Places to Get Turnt ‘n Burnt at UW

Finals are approaching, and we all know as soon as you walk out of your last exam next week your first goal is to get turnt as fast as possible. Nothing helps you get wasted like baking in the sun, and while we don’t condone this dangerous drinking habit, we still wanted to accommodate all of our readers who are looking to get hammed outside now that the eternal winter has lifted its dratted snowy curse off of Wisconsin. So in no particular order, here are the best places on for UW summer drinking:

10.) Chasers:
Not to say that Chasers isn’t a winter destination too, but it is certainly a summer place. Their notorious patio never gets old for a day outside and is perfect for watching some sports or catching up with some friends. The place speaks for itself and the only worry to have at Chasers is an empty cup.

9.) That rock behind College Library: 
No one really knows how it got there (there’s a plaque but no one’s ever read it) but it makes for the perfect surface to open up a pop-up mini bar. Bring all the regular bar-cart essentials and mix up some cocktails for the bros after you get done doing totally manly things.

8.) Double U: 
Their huge patio space overlooking University Ave is pretty tough to beat. Great for a chill afternoon lunch or a rowdy night heckling line-waiters and passer byers below, a patio party at the Double U never disappoints.

7.) James Madison Park: 
What is on the other side of Lake Mendota’s shore after you pass frat row? A beautiful park surrounded by a historic neighborhood. The best part about it is that you don’t have to worry about the crowds–it’s far enough off campus that you’ll generally be one of the few folks hanging around there. There’s plenty of room for yard games, so bring a blanket and a cooler and your ladder golf set!

6.) Memorial Union: 
This one is pretty self-explanatory and if you know, you know. Memorial Union in the summer is the pinnacle of the Wisconsin experience, and it’s tough to find a better place in the world to have a beer than at the Union surrounded by dogs, friends, live music and of course, the wonderful Lake Mendota. The only known people to ever disagree with how wonderful MemU is have been Gophers in denial of picking the wrong school–so nothing to worry about for you, Badgers.

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5.) Vintage: 
For all of you over there on the West Johnson side of campus that desire drinking more than walking, lumber no further than Vintage. A patio right next to the sidewalk is the perfect place to mock those who didn’t get in and to make sure you don’t miss any perfect doggos who may pass by.

4.) Bear Mound Park:
For the folks who live closer to the Vilas neighborhood, we’ve got a spot for you, too. It’s a spot nestled between a small circular neighborhood, and it’s the perfect spot to hang up the ol’ hammock and crack open a microbrew.

3.) Allen Centennial Gardens: 
You probably won’t get busted by the cops here since it’s barely visible inside from the vine-covered fence, and if you’re feeling really ambitious you can get drunk like Hemingway and write about all the imagery based on the plants you’re surrounded by. Good luck being the next great American author, glad we could help get you there!

2.) State Street Brats: 
For when afternoon lunches turn into nighttime shenanigans, there’s Brats. Their centralized location in the heart of State Street and pleasant outdoor seating area makes it easy to turn one pitcher into 10. You come to have a casual afternoon drink with the family but leave when great Aunt Judy gets tossed out for dancing on the bar and showing off her secret tattoos eight hours later.

1.) The Capitol Square:
Unconventional, we know, but it’s the best way to stick it to the man. There’s usually a market or a live music event going on anyways, so fill your opaque water bottle up with a whole bottle of wine, grab some sunnies and try your best to blend in with the politicians and/or families enjoying a weekend outing. Hurry up and finish those finals, because awkward tan lines, cold drinks and total diffusion of responsibility await you on the other side.


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