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Top 10 Reasons to Drop A Class at UW-Madison


Ugh! It’s week two of classes and you just can’t get over that one class. You’re taking 17 credits and you know it’s the one. The infamous class whose destiny is to be dropped like your caseless phone on a Saturday night while trying to take a selfie at Soto. Badgers, we’ve identified the top 10 reasons to drop a class – pay attention, because the drop deadline is coming up fast!


10.) Seventy-four midterms:


When you saw the syllabus for this class, you were surprised, but you actually do have a midterm that counts for 30% of your grade every time you come to class! Something doesn’t add up, but it’s not worth your time to figure it out. Drop this class IMMEDIATELY.


9.) Professor is from the moon:


Some accents are workable. The guttural dialect of the moon, however, is one of the most frustrating accents out there, and this class is just not worth your time. Watch out for these professors specifically in theatre classes – they’re abundant.


8.) Class located on the roof of Van Hise:

When you first saw Van Hise on your schedule, you thought, “Alright, I can make it there.” But when you saw that you’d have to access your classroom by way of seventeen flights of stairs and a narrow ladder, you were a little pissed. Take a class on the 16th floor and be happy, but drop this class ASAP.


7.) The kid who sits next to you keeps begging you to tell him a story so he can go to sleep:


 We all have that one class where one specific freshman wants you to tell him a bedtime story so he can go to sleep. It’s such a typical freshman move. This class isn’t worth your time; find a class where you are not asked to tell bedtime stories to helpless little college babies and enjoy your semester


6.) Professor threatens to contact North Korea to personally harass you:

We’ve all had our beef with professors before, but a professor taking it too far and asking North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to send you personal insults? That’s just too much. Take a different class or suffer this torture for four months.


5.) Badgers’ great Frank Kaminsky keeps asking you for notes:

Even though Frank the Tank graduated, he’s still living up his glory days at good ol’ UW-Madison by going to random classes and asking students for notes. Deny him, and then drop this class.


4.) White walkers:


You thought it would just be a one time thing, but now the White Walkers from Game of Thrones have come to three of your classes and you’re just not down to get hunted on a daily basis. This class just isn’t worth your time.


3.) The lecture slides are in Wingdings:

This was funny once, but Poli Sci is gonna be totally incomprehensible for a whole semester if you don’t get out fast enough. If you can’t convince the professor to change his presentations, you’re in for a rough ride this semester.


2.) Professor ends every sentence with “Bazinga”:


Ugh! We hate when professors have annoying patterns of speech, but your chem professor’s addition of “Bazinga” at the end of every sentence is just going to be too much. Try to switch sections, but if you can’t, you might want to switch your major entirely.


1.) The class is in Bascom Hall:

An iconic "W" banner hangs between the columns of Bascom Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Nov. 10, 2007. ©UW-Madison University Communications 608/262-0067 Photo by: Bryce Richter Date:  11/07    File#:   D200 digital camera frame 6778

Not. Worth. The. Hill. End of story.


Have fun making the best decision of your life and freeing up your schedule enough to allow you to drink two bottles of wine every Thursday instead of one.


To all those who rushed this semester, we salute you:

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