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Top 10 UW Customs Only Badgers Think Are Normal

When you say Wisconsin, you’ve said it all—however, not everyone actually understands what you’re saying. Unfortunately, not everyone has been privileged with the sheer joy that is attending college at the University of Wisconsin. Due to this, some people may be confused by some of our behaviors that we’ve come to write off as completely acceptable and normal. Just in case you encounter some poor soul who didn’t get to be a Badger, The Black Sheep thought it would be useful to know what UW customs are actually NOT normal anywhere else but here. 

10.) Wearing striped overalls:
Striped red and white like a candy cane. Are they stylish? Perhaps in a farming environment. Do they make your ass look good? Hell no. Will you drop roughly $50 on game day bibs and wear them with pride anyways? Abso-fucking-lutely.

9.) Using the phrase “eat shit, fuck you” casually:
It’s really a term of endearment. It links you and your fellow classmates together for life—even if this terminology does just the opposite in any other setting.

8.) Linking arms with a total stranger while singing:
When you think about it, singing Varsity looks a little cult-like. But like… a fun cult. With awesome sporting events. And beer. So you know what? We could really care less what we look like while performing this age-old tradition.  

7.) Having Jump Around on every playlist you have:
Damn straight you listen to Wisconsin’s anthem every chance you get. Any occasion is really the perfect time for a little House of Pain. Studying? Of course. During a wedding? Obviously. At a funeral? You know what… maybe think twice on that last one, but no judgment if your answer is still yes. 

6.) Thinking nothing of it when a rabid animal in a sweater enters the building:
Though Bucky should really elicit a little bit of fear and an even stronger desire to call animal control, the only thing this mascot leads you to do is take 85 pictures and make a long, obnoxious Snapchat story about it. We ain’t afraid of no Badger—in fact, we drunkenly (or soberly… there’s really no holding back when Bucky is involved) hug one every chance we get. 

5.) Considering cheese curds and beer to be a main food group:
This is Wisconsin. You want a salad and a Diet Coke? Go visit some other lame, prissy, sad Big 10 School. As for us, the diet starts never.

4.) Bragging your school tops lists as a prestigious academic institution and party school:
That’s right, we’re just as fun as we are smart. No amount of binge drinking can keep us from being respected worldwide. We’re the best of both worlds. We’re the college your parents brag about you attending, and the campus your friends at other not as fun schools will visit every weekend they can. 

3.) Having multiple pictures of a cop arresting you, but it’s non-concerning to your parents:
You didn’t do Mifflin right if you didn’t get a picture with a police officer pretending to handcuff you. It’s instinctive and funny for us Badgers. Unless, you know, that picture of you getting handcuffed was from you actually getting arrested—in which case, we hope you have a good sense of humor and an even better lawyer. 

2.) Getting more excited over a chair than anything else in this entire world:
But it’s not just a chair. It’s a symbol that summer has arrived. The first day that chairs are set up on The Terrace should really be a national holiday—we already have the “skip class to go get a pitcher and contemplate how to steal one of these chairs” down, so it might as well be official at this point.

1.) Being fairly confident you’ll be forced to graduate:
Because seriously, this college is the greatest, and the thought of having to leave it is terrible. They might make you graduate, but they can never take away the honor that comes from having gone to school here. Once a Badger, always a Badger.

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