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Top 10: Thoughts You Have During ‘That Class’

Everyone has “that class.” The one you dread. The one that makes getting out of bed some days seem like a terrible idea. The one that you spend countless hours venting about to your eternally patient friends who understand, because they too have “that class”. It’s safe to say that everyone has each of these thoughts at least once during “that class” throughout the semester:


10.) What is this class even about?
You understand bits and pieces of information, but how in the world does it all relate? It must not, because surely you would understand it if it did.


9.) *Looks at clock* DAMN IT I’ve been zoning out for how long?!
It’s impossible to focus in “that class.” There seems to be a clear correlation between the exponential increase in your zone-out time and the number of times you tell yourself that you’re really going to focus during lecture. You question if popping an Addy for the sole purpose of this class will be necessary.


8.) How the hell does everyone else seem to enjoy taking this class AND comprehend everything?
How much time could they possibly devote to studying the material outside of class? Or are they devoting minimal time and just understanding the material because it’s actually not that difficult and you just suck? What is even going on right now? 


7.) Wait, everyone in this class is probably just a smartass. Screw ‘em.
Wait, actually no they’re probably getting an A and would make an excellent study partner… you must befriend these people immediately. You definitely hate these people because they’re so ridiculous for giving so many fucks about this class. On the other hand…maybe they’re doing something right. Note to self: be more like them.


6.) Man, this class really sucks. I shouldn’t have to take classes like this. Fuck the institutionalization of education!
This class makes you dislike school and our education system as a whole. Fuck the system. Fuck the man. Fuck anything that can be fucked. 


5.) What is the point of going to lecture for this class?
*Proceeds to skip lecture for the majority of the semester and/or goes to lecture and thinks this thought multiple times throughout the duration of this torture session that is your professor babbling on about things you don’t care about or that don’t make sense to you.*


4.) I can’t believe I’m paying to take this class. College should be paying ME.
Why should you have to fork over thousands of dollars to take a class that makes you want to get hit by a car so you’ll have an excused absence and won’t have to go? You shouldn’t have to. 


3.) [End of the semester] Wow, that class was really hard. But my grade turned out surprisingly well and now I feel awesome.
Looking back, while the class sucked, you feel pretty satisfied that you made it through the class without dropping or failing. Maybe you don’t suck as much as you thought you did. You’re a capable and successful person. Go you. 


2.) [During the midterm and final] I need to get wasted immediately upon finishing this exam.
Time to drown out the memories of this emotionally draining class with a round or six of shots. Hey tequila—how you doin’ this evening? 


1.) Nothing.
Because you spent an entire semester wracking your brain for this class—time to forget that it even existed by emptily binging on Netflix and/or alcohol. 

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