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Top 5 Things That Make College Kids Have Meltdowns

There comes a point in everyone’s college days when their stress level builds up so high that the smallest thing triggers the biggest meltdown. No one can keep it together all the time—in fact, college kids aren’t really able to keep it together at any time—but there are few instances seemingly sent to the lives of twenty-somethings by Satan himself that test our patience in impossible ways. For example, these five, horrifyingly frustrating scenarios:


5.) A bus that is behind schedule: It’s cold and you really don’t want to walk to class, so you decide to take the bus. You take all the necessary steps in preparation for the bus. You wake up 10 minutes earlier than normal, check the bus schedule to see when it will arrive, and even get to the bus stop 5 minutes before its estimated time of arrival. But of course, the bus is behind schedule, and as the time of arrival keeps getting pushed back, you contemplate just walking to class so you won’t be late. After 5 more minutes of waiting, you decide to walk, and just as you are out of the range of the bus stop, the bus comes, and you see it zoom past you and your frozen tears streaming down your face. DAMN YOU, BUS.


4.) Getting food delivered, only to find they got the order wrong: After being on campus since 9 a.m., all a college kid wants at 8 p.m. is food—and lots of it. When the options consist of cooking your own meal, walking to the dining hall or to a restaurant when it’s a bitter Wisconsin winter, or getting food delivered, it’s a no brainer—delivery all day erry day baby! After waiting 30 minutes for your orange chicken and white rice instead of the estimated 15 minutes, anyone would be cranky. After paying the guy and booking it back up to your apartment, it seems like heaven is actually a place on earth—but then you open the container and see BROWN RICE. NOOOO! You specifically wanted the white rice. Cue the water works… is white rice too much to ask for? And top it all off, they didn’t even give you a fortune cookie. Guess that means you got nothing going for you in life.


3.) When all the washing machines are full: You haven’t done laundry in 3 weeks, and all the people doing laundry are only washing like 4 shirts and the machines still have 30 minutes left. It’s not fair! You literally have no clothes left and planned your whole day around doing laundry, so what are you supposed to do now? Whatever happened to the days when you put your clothes in a hamper, and a day later, they magically appeared folded and washed in your room? You then miss your mom and your dog, and begin to cry alone in the laundry room—because life… life is a lot sometimes.


2.) You miss the season finale of your favorite show, and everyone ruins it on Twitter: Your club meeting ran late… again. Thursday’s are the one day you ACTUALLY watch TV because Scandal is on. As you run in the snow to the bus stop, you absent-mindedly scroll through Twitter and see that someone tweeted that your favorite character died. NOOOOOO!!! You haven’t seen it yet, and now everything is ruined—completely and utterly ruined. Is there even a point to life anymore? You try not to draw attention to yourself as you breakdown in tears on the bus.


1.) Winter: There are only 2 seasons in Wisconsin: summer and winter. One day it’s 70 degrees and sunny, the next it’s 10 degrees and icy. It is like Mother Nature is just trying to piss you off. Walking to class poses a problem because you either breakout in a cold sweat and a hot sweat, and honestly, both a pretty horrible. Winter is an emotional rollercoaster, and you’re only human—of course you’re going to break down at near-hypothermic temperatures.


College is probably the best and worst thing that exists in the world. It is a time when you get to be independent, find yourself, make new friends, and drink a lot of beer—but it is also stressful and exhausting. After multiple breakdowns, it becomes evident that the really reason you are crying is because you haven’t slept in 5 days, you failed your last midterm, and because college is just so damn hard. It’s okay Badgers, we’ve all been there, but just think—we’ll be people’s bosses one day!

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