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UW Conservative Student Groups Seek Level Playing Field for Club Funding

MADISON – No one was really in an uproar yesterday except for Fox News and UW Conservatives, of course, as the “higher education watchdog” (read: Breitbart for college) found that the University of Wisconsin Madison poured more funding into what could be considered “left” organizations as opposed to “conservative” student groups. 

As conservative reps outraged about brainwashed libtard snowflakes and what have you, university spokesmen argued to deaf ears that this merely came down to the fact that: “The elected student government, which is open to students of all political affiliations, is legally required to allocate fees in a viewpoint neutral manner. All registered student organizations have an equal opportunity to access these funds.” So basically, no, the spreading of funds is equal. This didn’t quell the conservative outrage. 

On Fox and Friends Abby Streu, apparently a conservative at UW (Abby if you’re being held against your will please let us know), said, and we quote, literally, this is what they’re saying, we’re not making up these quotes: 

Conservatives and Libertarians on campus are “pretty sick” of left-wing organizations receiving a 20 to 1 funding advantage.

“I’m not necessarily shocked by their statement, I’m not necessarily shocked by the situation. You can basically assume that at a liberal campus — especially one as liberal as UW-Madison — that the school’s going to allocate this money in a slightly biased manner,” Streu said.

Despite the campus being very clear about the funds being allocated in an equal manner, and that #democracy you can go vote if you’d like it otherwise, it appears conservatives at UW would prefer an even playing field,  if you will. Mayhaps they should hold an Affirmative Action bake sale, but not the kind they’re used to.

As champions of free speech and money, we at The Black Sheep support our conservative students. After all, minorities sometimes need a little extra help when their voices aren’t heard by the majority especially and actually only in the rare case that rich white people are said minorities. So, someone give them some money so they can make posters with abortions on them or invite Milo here whatever they want to do so they can die knowing they owned some libs. It’s a free country, and lord knows the Fall is for Lovers club doesn’t need all the money they get. Hell, maybe take some of the new funds we’re stealing away from poor people for dining plans and give it to them. Stealing from the poor and giving to the rich! It’s a Paul Ryan wet dream!

Vine Power Hour!

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