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Life at UW Described in 2017’s Best Memes

Memes: a college kid’s favorite past time. And did you know that most of the best memes to surface this year describe life at UW-Madison so perfectly? Here at The Black Sheep, we wanted you to really get that full idea of what UW means through memes. We transformed 10 memes that could not describe what goes through every UW student’s mind on a daily basis any better. Badgers, it’s time to bond.

10.) Jim Always Just Gets It:

It’s cold and now you’re going to be late for class and are faced with the difficult decision of waiting for the next bus or cutting your losses and walking to class instead.

9.) Uh, Excuse Me?

Let the L&S students have ONE thing, business people. You already have the nice building, so just let us have the career fair, okay?

8.) Never Leave This Spot:

That’s right, I gotz me an outlet bitchez.

7.) You Don’t Even Go Here:


6.) Why Do We Never Learn:

That’s it, life as you know it is over. The disappointment. The shock. The grief. It’s unbearable.


Have you ever tasted something so heavenly? Oh you haven’t…because the station was closed. Give us quesadillas or give us death!

4.) Beating Bascom:


Only problem-solvers are accepted into UW-Madison.

3.) You CAN Cash Us Outside:

Are you telling us we can actually feel our faces when we step outside??!! Who wants to throw a darty?

2.) Chipotle Should Be Allowed Everywhere:

Born a rebel and a rebel you will stay.

1.) Whiskey Jack’s FTW:

Can’t pass up a deal like that.

We know these memes speak to your Sconnie-soul, so share it with all of your UW friends.


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