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UW Senior Creates Perfect Schedule, Will Be Displayed in Chazen For Years to Come

Creating a class schedule is an important part of any college student’s life. The choices that you make in picking courses and class times can directly affect how well you do for the entire semester. That’s why this semester, UW senior, Sarah Davis, decided to take her scheduling very seriously.

“I’m graduating after this semester and I’ve had to work with crappy schedules in the past,” Davis explained. “I only have one more required course this semester, so I decided that this time, I would make the easiest schedule I could. A perfect schedule. And to be honest, I think I’ve succeeded.” It’s hard to argue with the results. Some people focus on filling their schedule with “easy” classes or consolidating their classes into one block of time. Davis has managed to do both and more.

“It’s truly incredible,” spoke Tracy Evans, Davis’ student advisor. “When Sarah came into my office and told me that she wanted to schedule all the easiest classes UW had to offer on the same day, I told her it would be impossible. But I showed her the course catalog and all of a sudden, she turned into Rain Man. She started filling out schedule plans, rewriting and editing on the fly. She was thinking two or three steps ahead of me, seeing conflicts and resolving them before I could even think! It was like watching Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel, but for course scheduling.”

As a result of her Herculean scheduling efforts, Davis is currently enrolled in 12 credits of class that only takes up three hours of her day on Wednesday afternoons. “The perfect schedule is all about cramming as much class time into as little actual time as possible,” said Davis. “The trick is to figure out how to be in two places at once. For example, I scheduled my online dance lecture at the same time as my Introduction to Still Life Painting course. Now I can watch a lecture on the finer details of the foxtrot while painting an ugly bowl of fruit! It’s perfect!”

Davis’ accomplishment in scheduling-efficiency has started to get her some attention around campus. One person interested in her creation is Andrew Halpert, a curator at the Chazen Museum of Art. “A lot of people are confused by art and don’t really know how to define it,” said Halpert. “Someone might argue that filling in scheduling blocks on a computer program doesn’t qualify as art. But we here at the Chazen saw the incredible effort and planning that went into this schedule, and to me there’s no doubt that this schedule is truly a work of modern art. Her dedication to spending as little time in class as physically possible is admirable. We’ve decided to make it the main attraction of our upcoming exhibit titled ‘Efficiency and Simplicity.’ I think it will be a big hit.”

As for Davis herself, she says that her new school life this semester is going well now, but she doesn’t recommend it for everyone. “I’m not going to lie, there was a bit of an adjustment period,” she said. “I’ve gotten the hang of my 3-hour, super condensed schedule now, but the first few weeks were tough. It was so hectic and chaotic that I would come out of my classes not even knowing what had happened! Luckily I had the other six days of the week to try and figure out what the hell I was supposed to have learned.”

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