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6 Pickup Lines That Will Only Work on UW Students

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you might be wondering how you’re gonna get lucky that night. You wanna come off smooth, but are also looking for that relaxed, proud Wisconsinite feel too. So for all your Badger-V-Day needs, The Black Sheep has you covered. We’ve compiled the four best pick up lines for UW students that are bound to get you some action this year (60% of the time they work— every time).

6.) “Are you Bascom Hill? Cause I’d like to climb up on you between classes.”:
This one says, “I’m interested in you, but also aware of the geography of our campus,” there is nothing more attractive than a deep knowledge of the various hills, acclivities and glacial drumlins on campus.

5.) “Mind if I buy you a Becky Drank?”:
Referencing our Chancellor is not only important because every reference to Becky Blank allows her to grow stronger, but because it shows you’re a serious academic; AKA you like math and shit. Best used out at a bar, but buying someone a bottle of milk on the ol’ Wiscard at Gordon’s goes a long ways.

4.) “You better Greg Gard your heart or I’ll steal it.”:
Reportedly, this is actually how coach Gard met his wife. Enough said, if it’s good enough for Gregory– it is good enough for everyone.

3.) “If you were an Alt-Right Group – I would still let you on my campus.”:
Referencing current political events is an amazing way to meet someone, whether it leads to vibrant conversation or a broken jaw, you’re bound to seem interesting!

2.) “Are you Lincoln? Cuz I’d do whatever it takes to climb onto dat lap.”:
It’s not easy climbing onto Lincoln’s lap, and sometimes it’s not easy to get someone to climb onto yours either. So skip the small talk and make it clear you’re ready to go. 

1.) “Are you gouda to go home with me tonight, or am I feta off trying to get with someone chedda?”:
This is Wisconsin, you really can’t go wrong with a cheesy pickup line. You’re only running the risk they’ve heard it a thousand times before. But that’s just because they’re irresistible. Use this one and you’re guaranteed to take brie home tonight.

Any Badger who has these under their belt will for sure have a great Valentine’s Day. Remember, shooters shoot.

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