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Where Are You at UW?

Picture this: it’s a Thursday night and you’ve been having a great night drinking, uh, root beer with your friends. Next thing you know, you wake up somewhere on campus – you can’t remember anything from the night before. Do you think you can figure out where exactly you are from these zoomed in pictures? It’s harder than it looks, but Wisconsin prides itself on recovering from heavy drinking, so you’ve probably got it in you.

1.) Vine, I Hardly Knew Ye(ine):

clock tower

So winter might last, like, forever here, but even these vines have to be realizing that it’s almost time for summer. We’re not really sure what the background for those vines is, but maybe your hungover self will. Hey, it even looks sunny out!

2.) Shiny, I Hardly Knew Ye:



Oooh, shiny! This kind of resembles metal, just like the kind that you remember running into on State Street at approximately 1 a.m. Still pretty sunny out, so maybe you can head over to the (still under construction) Terrace after you figure this one out. It’s not too far of a walk…


3.) Cracked Glass, I Hardly… Ugh, Fuck It.:


This glass is clearly cracked, which begs the question – did you crack it in a drunken stupor last night? There may even be some caution tape, so that could be a problem. Still, it looks pretty fuckin’ artsy, so even if you did do it, like props or something.

4.) It’s a Blue Thing. With Numbers. Yeah.:

bus stop

Ew, numbers. This is NOT how you want to spend your drunken night wandering downtown. Looks all metal, or aluminum or something. And there’s a nut! Hehehe, nut. 

5.) That’s a Lot of Holes!:

coffee bytes

Well this is fun. There’s so many holes. Like one of those things your mom put over the windows of her car when you were a kid so the sun wouldn’t wreck you on road trips.


1.) Carillon Bell Tower:

clock tower 2

2.) The Statue of Abe, Ya Dummy!:

linconl 2

3.) This Broken Piece of Artwork Outside of Humanities:

caution 2

4.) The Bus Stop on Lake and State:

bus stop far away

5.) Coffee Bytes:

coffee bytes 2

If you got 0-1 right: Do you even go here? Are you a Gopher in disguise? We bet you hate beer, don’t you?

If you got 2-3 right: You’re probably some student finishing up their Freshman year and just now getting used to the whole campus thing, right? Don’t know why we put a question mark there, we know we’re right. (insert sassy diva emojii here)

If you got 4-5 right: We didn’t know Bucky Badger read The Black Sheep! That must be who you are, as nobody couldn’t have guessed all of these right without having lived on this campus for over 60 years. Like, those pictures were really vague and close up. It’d be kinda weird if you could guess them all correctly as a human. 

Hey dummy, listen (AND SUBSCRIBE) to the Year in Review episode of our podcast! 

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