Collegiate Marketing

Your Gateway to College Students

We infiltrate college campuses through every channel and are able to deliver your brand message directly to the students. In the crowded collegiate space, it’s important to differentiate your brand from all the others - that’s where The Black Sheep comes in. Through our strategically planned and executed experiential marketing tactics, we’re able to communicate with students on a more personal level to effectively deliver your message.

Effective Marketing Solutions

Experiential Marketing

Get your brand directly into the hands, minds and eyes of the student body through engaging, customized campaigns.

Digital and Social

Use our widespread digital and social presence to influence, share and promote the conversation about your brand.

Collegiate Research

Gain insight into a valuable demographic to learn what they're thinking, what they're looking for, and understand what influences them.

Benefits of The Black Sheep:
Hands-Free and Perfect Execution

Take the burden of marketing off your shoulders and put it into our hands. From recruitment and training to deploying your campaign, we manage the entire process thanks to our decades of experience in the collegiate space. We’ll ensure that our dynamic campus teams are executing your campaign in the most engaging way and spark the conversation between your brand and the students. Our strategic solutions help increase brand awareness all across campus while operating and executing within your budget parameters.

Where Are We?

Everywhere. We currently have a strong campus presence and turnkey solution at 100 schools across the nation. Don’t see your market? We’re adding schools weekly and can deploy new teams in as quickly as one week. Contact us and we can get you covered!

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